Types Of Human Hair And Their Types

12 Nov

There are literally so many terms and styles of human hair extensions, that it sometimes gets confusing when you're just starting out in this industry. While most Luxy Human Hair Extensions is 100 percent natural human hair clip-in extensions, there are other types of human hair extensions as well. Some of these extensions are used for special events, while others may just be worn everyday and simply tucked in with your hair, or even worn loose on top. One thing's for certain, if you're thinking of buying human hair extensions, be sure to speak to a professional to find out which type would best fit your hair type, as not all human hair extension products will work with all hair types and length.

The first kind of human hair that you can purchase are the clip-in extensions, which are simply hair that is attached by clipping it into the natural hair. Hand tied extensions look the same as a natural hair extension, but they can be either short or long, depending upon the length of the hair that you're purchasing. When selecting clip-in extensions, it's always best to speak with a professional so they can make sure that they are a good match for your natural hair.
Natural hair extension are known as Remy hair clip-in extensions. Remy hair extensions are made from 100 percent natural human hair and are one of the cheapest kinds of extensions to buy. The only downfall to using human hair clips is that they can be very slippery and will cause some damage to your natural hair if worn incorrectly. Remy hair is also more susceptible to split ends than other hair types. With a little work and practice, however, you'll find that human hair clip-in extensions last longer than synthetic hair, and are far easier to care for.
In addition to the Remy hair clip-in extensions, there are a variety of other human hair types that can be purchased. Nylon hair is another popular choice, but it is less likely to split, and has a natural shine to it. Nylon hair does not need any chemical treatment to keep it looking shiny and beautiful, and it tends to hold color much better than synthetic hair. Nylon hair is also very easy to maintain because it doesn't need any chemical treatment to keep it looking healthy and shiny. If you have light skin, you may want to consider buying synthetic hair, because it is typically more durable than Nylon hair, but may not hold color as well. Visit https://hairlaya.com/ to order for the best Braided Human Hair Extensions.
Some people choose to purchase hair extensions that are made of synthetic hair, such as Braided Human Hair Extensions. These hair extensions look completely natural but require no additional treatment to maintain them. In most cases, braided human hair clips will hold color very well, although you should make sure that the braids are done by professionals and aren't damaged by heat or chemicals.
No matter which type of human hair you purchase, be sure to speak with a professional in order to find out which type would suit your style best. Human hair clips are extremely versatile and can be used to make just about any style of haircut that you want. For those who do not want to use clip-on extensions, you may want to consider synthetic hair, since they tend to be more durable than other types of hair.
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